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Andrea Catharina Knagenhjelm

English born Artist living in Norway.

The taste of art came with my genes. Loving the colours and the beauty in the things that surround us. I studied sculpture, ceramics, photography and design technology in Cambridge.
I am a vivid dreamer that strives to place my memories, thoughts and feelings of these dreams in my paintings. Balancing the colours and trying to place the thoughts outside the box.

Where and why are we who we are? Where are the boundaries of feeling, and what colour might they be?

Most of my ink work is intuitive. They happen as I start dipping my pen in my ink. Never two alike, thumbprints of my feelings there and then.

Past and Present Exhibitions:

2009 Christmas exhibition, Nydalen Kunstskole

2010 Summer exhibition , Nydalen Kunstskole

2010 Christmas exhibition, Nydalen Kunstskole

February 2011 Galleri Kan-Skje, Oslo

27th March-24th April 2011, Ås stasjon.

Summer Exhibition 2011, Nydalen Kunstskole

Here my projects will be uploaded.